Well maybe you don’t have to change your relationship with food but a lot of people are looking endlessly for the quick fix to change their affinity for food. Why else would the “diet” industry have Americans spending 40 billion a year on weight loss products and programs? 40 billion dollars. The Diet Industry: A Big Fat Lie

Having spent over 12 years in my own health food stores listening to the general public’s needs and desires I can tell you this; they are sick and tired of being whatever weight they are (not everyone looking to lose weight is overweight) and they want it to change right now.

I call it the silver bullet mentality- actually the natural silver bullet mentality. Many of the customers looking for a fix in the health food store would never dream of taking a pharmaceutical even over the counter silver bullet, they want the natural one right now!

My point is the public still after all these years wants a quick fix to be in swimsuit shape . Obviously, they are spending those hard earned 40 billion dollars a year chasing after the same thing they chased and never caught the year before.

What is this, dare I call it an addiction to the quick fix, perfect, hard, non aging body? How did we get here? Where are we going?



I have a quote from Rumi taped to my monitor that reads, “A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given to you”.
This moves me as I know how many times I can find myself running around (no matter how composed I look) knowing what I really need is to be alone in my room, to have the stillness of mind for a little while which will let my innermost being be nourished and reveal its self to me.
Simple enough to say yet with the mind as active and bossy as it seems to be it can take real effort to go be alone and still. I love to be reminded of this and will right now heed Rumi’s words of wisdom.

Aloha~ Gina

prayer wheels

prayer wheels

If you shift your focus from yourself to others, extend your concern to others…then this will have the immediate effect of opening up your life and helping you to reach out. Dalai Lama, Transforming the Mind

I often use this quote to point to how we can heal by opening to our community -how ever that may look. Today I feel an even broader look at this opening and our own healing …crazy as it sounds the internet has become a community and I urge you to open to it in ways you may not have considered. Perhaps you use some social networking sites and can unfold a new part of your self by offering your help and support to another. Without a doubt this is a beautiful and ever present form of self care. Your growth and healing wrapped in the guise of helping!



My crown is in my heart not on my head;
Not deck’d with diamonds and Indian stones,
Nor to be seen, My crown is call’d content;
A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.
~William Shakespeare



I am trusting the flames will begin licking a few more on twitter. Be sure to stop by twitter if you have not yet set up your own account. I have met some pretty interesting people there and I get a chance to follow some of the people on this crazy web path I respect and enjoy reading.
So back to the project, lets see what wiki has to say about Passion looking froward to hearing from you!
Aloha~ Gina




The Passion Project is all about taking a page from the fabulous lives of those who have found ways to keep their inner fires burning regardless of what is going on around them and sharing those thought and ideas here on the weblog.

Tell me what you do to keep motivated, loving, passionate, and alive in your personal, physical, spiritual and career lives.

Sharing your thoughts,practices and methods that keep you going may inspire another reader to take steps toward creating their own vibrant and passionate life.

Living a dull listless life? Prepare to be stoked!

Check back often and be sure to tell us what you think.

Aloha~ Gina

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”It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.”
~Wendell Berry

Taking a few moments, a few deep and relaxed breaths let the quote settle in your mind and then in your heart. Gently throughout the day remember your moments of relaxed quiet and notice, simply notice where you may be beginning a new and real journey.

Your comments are of course welcome and appreciated.

In Peace,