Thinking about what could be the common thread of dissatisfaction I encounter with people and their diets it appears to be a lack of pleasure. Now what kind of fun is that?  If shopping , cooking, eating and cleaning up after the whole thing could be pleasurable it would add a whloe lot of juicy feelings back into the day.
Wondering what the aversion to the whole process was I realized I see a lot of clients aho are just not in to  any part of the whole thing and just want a pill to take once a day so they can get on with their lives. Well as it stands the eating process is not going away any time soon so perhaps we can all chip in and find ways to keep it alive and pleasurable. The benefits will amaze you and the pay off is immediate.

Eating in a hurry (otherwise know as stress) adds a huge biochemical burden causing many of our current ills. If I told you that eating while relaxed burned more calories I bet you would first not believe me but second you might -just for the heck of it give it a try -by the way it’s true.

OK so relaxing at the dinner table  is not exactly something you can make the family do but you can sure set them up for success by being the first one at the table to chill out.

“No time” you say. This is absolutely true. No time. So just let it go -there is only this moment and we choose in each moment the quality and tone of that moment – no matter how chaotic things are around us.

You will be eating anyway so choosing at the next meal to make the moment of each bite a place where you relax can be life changing and at the very least pleasurable.