This quote by John Ruskin seems to really fit the toil happening here in the blogging communities. All of us here writing our blogs knowing it is not about what we get for it but who we become. The act of writing is a big act of becoming and writing on a public forum and writing again and again is becoming even more quickly.

So who is it we are becoming and what is this drive to become it? Why are we not simply doing whatever our personal doingness is? There is an unmistakable quality of giving I have noted on many of the blogs I have read. People giving of themselves to the vast unknown and for some of us to no one until at some point someone reads our posts.

So tonight I have a grateful feeling for the blogging world. A world of all walks of life reaching out into the dark web space putting out their best ideas or just their current ideas letting them unfold and evolve into their best-becoming their best because of the act.