Feel free to visit me at Nourishing By Heart
or call 315-729-5442 to set up an appointment.
I have been told many times that Life Coaching comes naturally to me and it seems I have been coaching most of my life regardless what my title has been.

By bringing a strong blend of loving-kindness, well developed intuition, and superb listening skills to our coaching relationship it becomes a safe, nurturing and yet powerful place of change and recognition.

I am also a licensed Certified Nutritionist and find this bag of tools helpful in many coaching relationships. Not all Clients are concerned with food or health issues yet the tools are available should this be something you desire to focus on at some point in our relationship.

Beyond my coaching practice I currently co-facilitate a weekly food and feeling group and do individual sessions for the Nova Luna Center for eating disorders. Prior to moving to Maui in 2005 I was the Nutritionist and Wellness Coach at the Mirbeau Spa and the owner of New Health Natural Products in NY, for 12 years where I also also provided Wellness Coaching.

I personally invite you to let your light shine…today.

Are you ready?

Call 315-729-5442

or email (refer to coaching in the subject line please)


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