woman on Holosync

While there are many ways to stay stuck in a situation or unhealthy life pattern one of the most prevalent I see in my practice is black and white thinking. Many hold on to this thinking as if it were a life raft while in reality it is a lead weight dragging them to the bottom of the ocean floor. Not easy to see and not easy to let go of that which they believe is real and right.

So why I did not connect these dots sooner I don’t know but Bill Harris and his Holosync program is able to shift without effort…well effort is required such as sitting still with headphones on but when you look at what is usually required to change a strong belief Holosync is almost effortless. So check out Bill Harris and enjoy!

This is a wonderful practice for many of my clients, I am looking forward to getting them tuned in.

Aloha! Gina