The Passion Project is all about taking a page from the fabulous lives of those who have found ways to keep their inner fires burning regardless of what is going on around them and sharing those thought and ideas here on the weblog.

Tell me what you do to keep motivated, loving, passionate, and alive in your personal, physical, spiritual and career lives.

Sharing your thoughts, practices and methods that keep you going may inspire another reader to take steps toward creating their own vibrant and passionate life.

Living a dull listless life? Prepare to be stoked!

Check back often and be sure to tell us what you think.

Aloha~ Gina

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One Response to “Passion Project!”

  1. Jade Says:

    My current passion? Girlfriendships… relationships where I inspire and am inspired. I’ve come far enoungh now that I’m my own best friend. I am exploring sharing this great friend (myself) more and more fully. I am also receiving others more and more fully. This is a fantastic website! Thank you for your inspiration!

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