In case you did not read the Newsweek article on eating disorders here you go!

Now I have to say I am grateful to see something out there regarding this huge issue in our culture yet I was somewhat surprised at the focus of the comments….many were more worried about calling blacks black and whites white than focusing on the fact that they are all equally at risk for running into an eating disorder and that their male counterparts were also much more at risk than they may have previously thought.

I guess I should not be surprised as one of the reasons ED is as prevalent as it is is because of the lack of focus on the problem and the never ending circle dancing with a multitude of distractions and excuses instead.

Curious? Try a look at the gurze website for a plethora of information and suggestions on what to read. Awareness is not just the answer for the dear one suffering with an eating disorder but is is also the way for those who interact and live with them.

Awareness, watching what we are doing with curiosity -what a concept, what a way to make a change in your world!

Be well!