”Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
-Saint Francis

How many times have you looked at a life goal or a project and felt totally overwhelmed. Impossible it feels just plain impossible to get there from here. This is the challenge -the thought, not the goal or the project as big as it might be -but our thinking.

Saint Francis seems to have summed it up quite nicely:

Start by doing whats necessary…

This alone speaks volume to me-star-just that alone will get you somewhere! Then by doing what’s necessary -well of course you say. Yet I for one have done almost anything but what was necessary when it came to a project. You must know the drill-the taxes are due and all the paperwork is lined up in front of you and you decide to color code the file tabs so next years files are even better organized than this years. Now color coded files are pretty and may even be helpful all year as you file paperwork but today the taxes are to be done and no amount of color coding will help.

…then what’s possible…

I find this is where the juice begins to flow. Hands dirty form the project and the feeling of no turning back sets in-a deep breath and maybe a little rest but the focus is on the path and all that is possible. This alone-what’s possible- is enough fuel to keep me up at night burning the midnight oil. Incredible amounts of work are accomplished in this state and fatigue seems to have lost my address.

…and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

I hope you are with me on this part of the equation because this really is it! This is where all the magic happens- you are just plugging along doing what’s necessary. Then seeing what’s possible getting all excited and deeply in tune when what seems like suddenly and out of nowhere it happens -the big break, the wind fall, the person who can move you forward by leaps and bounds -that you didn’t even know existed, appears and you are doing the impossible!

Big Mahalo to Saint Francis for saying it so simply and reminding us how miraculous every day is.


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