What an incredible and shifting afternoon!

Having heard of the amazing shifts that take place during Family Constellation Therapy Work I immediatly said yes to my daughter’s request that I join her as representatives as a man goes through the process.

Little did I know just how much I was going to be participating. Without going into a lot of detail I was fully immersed into a family constellation that I can only call collective….what else could it have been that would have touched me so deeply and fully?

Being picked by the man who was doing this work to represent his mother -I was both honored and nervous. The love, entanglement and conflicts I felt were common and able to be resolved by understanding and incorporating the “orders of love”.

We all have this in common -we have all been given life by these two people we call parents -we all share this amazing thread that can weave a beautiful tapestry once we clearly see our place in this constellation.

While I have much myself to process around this I wanted to share the idea with you and offer the opportunity for you too to say Yes!

Please click for more Family Constellation Info.

Much Aloha~ Gina