Well maybe you don’t have to change your relationship with food but a lot of people are looking endlessly for the quick fix to change their affinity for food. Why else would the “diet” industry have Americans spending 40 billion a year on weight loss products and programs? 40 billion dollars. The Diet Industry: A Big Fat Lie

Having spent over 12 years in my own health food stores listening to the general public’s needs and desires I can tell you this; they are sick and tired of being whatever weight they are (not everyone looking to lose weight is overweight) and they want it to change right now.

I call it the silver bullet mentality- actually the natural silver bullet mentality. Many of the customers looking for a fix in the health food store would never dream of taking a pharmaceutical even over the counter silver bullet, they want the natural one right now!

My point is the public still after all these years wants a quick fix to be in swimsuit shape . Obviously, they are spending those hard earned 40 billion dollars a year chasing after the same thing they chased and never caught the year before.

What is this, dare I call it an addiction to the quick fix, perfect, hard, non aging body? How did we get here? Where are we going?